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Seakeeper is the world leader in marine motion control technology.

From small boat to mega-yacht, Seakeeper’s sole mission is to keep everyone onboard safe and have an enjoyable time.

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New Boat & Refit

No matter you are looking to buy a new boat or thinking to refit for your current one, Seakeeper stabilizer are suitable for all.

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How It Works

Made to virtually eliminate boat roll, Seakeeper’s ground-breaking technology helps people to have more enjoyable experience at sea.

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Ideal Boat Size: ~ 23' - 30' 

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_23-30.png
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Seakeeper 3 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 36' - 39'

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_36-39.png
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Seakeeper 6 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 46' - 52'

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_46-52.png
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Seakeeper 16 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 60' - 69'

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_60-69.png
Seakeeper 16 Marine Service Asia.png
Seakeeper 26 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 70' - 84'

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_70-84.png
Seakeeper 26 Marine Service Asia.png
Seakeeper 2 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 31' - 35'

Seakeeper  BOAT ICON_31-35.png
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Seakeeper 5 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 40' - 45'

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_40-45.png
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Seakeeper 9 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 50' - 59'

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_50-59.png
Seakeeper 9 Marine Service Asia.png
Seakeeper 18 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 65' - 75'

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_65-75.png
Seakeeper 18 Marine Service Asia.png
Seakeeper 35 model icon.png

Ideal Boat Size: ~ 85' +

Seakeeper BOAT ICON_85+.png
Seakeeper 35 Marine Service Asia.png
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Service & Maintenance

As the Hong Kong official dealer and authorized warranty center of Seakeeper marine stablilizers, Marine Service Asia provides all-rounded services for the stablilizer and every part of your yachts.

All Seakeeper stabilizers come with 2 years/2,000 hours complete system warranty. Proper and timely check up on the stabilizer can ensure the operation of the part and the validity of the warranty, that is why, it is very important to always book for your regular inspections. Talk to our experts to find out more!


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+852 3596 2054

Head Office

  • 21B, Vita Tower, 29 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Service Points

  • 9 Ap Lei Chau Praya Road, Ap Lei Chau

  • Lantau Yacht Club, Marina Drive Discovery Bay

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