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MSA provides all-rounded services for you and your yachts. From boat and yacht delivery to after-sales support such as yacht commissioning, marine inspection services, boat repair, and yacht management services, we promise you a smooth journey by taking care of every aspect of your yacht from the start.

With our tailor-made packages, each yacht will have a personalised treatment to ensure the best experience for you.

MSA Vessel Receipt Services

Vessel Receipt Services

Loading, unloading and delivery of vessels 

Marine Services Asia has on-hand qualified captains and crew to ensure all vessels reach their desired destinations unscathed. Your vessel is in safe hands with our professionals. The yacht delivery service can relocate your yacht or boat to your preferred location and provide any management services needed. From paperwork preparation to physical yacht unloading, MSA is here for you, so that you can simply stay carefree for your boat delivery.

Yacht Commissioning Services

Pre and post-delivery commissioning services 

This is on top of standardised commissioning procedures and we go beyond the manufacturers recommendations. We ensure all boats and yachts receive the best possible start in life. 


Our professional team delivers high-quality, meticulous work, from inspecting the hull to fully commissioning a boat or yacht and its equipment, for the benefit of the new owner. 

This process not only helps to reduce the number of defects throughout the vessel’s lifecycle, but it also serves to reduce the number of misidentified warranty issues. Yacht warranty repairs and claims under our services can insure the operation of your yacht and the validity of your warranty. Leave the works to us, so you can enjoy a hassle-free yachting lifestyle and make your ownership experience a seamless one.

Commissioning Services
Yacht Technical Management

Technical Management and Marine Inspection Services

Prescribed, periodic, and preventive maintenance packages

Our in-house team prides itself on being proactive rather than reactive. Not only do we provide a basic package, but we can tailor maintenance packages, including marine inspection services, to ensure that preventive maintenance is performed at regular intervals.


We then ensure that corrective maintenance is provided in a timely and cost-contained manner, preventing the possibility of unexpected downtime and high maintenance costs.


Many of our clients complimented the service contracts using MSA specialists, showing clear cost savings and a significant drop in downtime, compared with in-house captains or local technicians.

Aftersales Services

Experts who help to preserve your yacht's value

At Marine Service Asia, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients with aftersales services, which is an integral part of our business.


Routine yacht maintenance, inspection and upgrading are essential to extend its lifetime, as well as value preservation. Investing in high-quality marine inspection service and equipment can help your yacht to reduce the risk of performance failure and minimises any extra costs incurred when issues appear.


Furthermore, warranty repairs and claims under the aftersales services can insure the operation of your yacht and the validity of your warranty.


With knowledgeable marine professionals and factory-trained technicians, we offer full after-sales services for every yacht buyer, including anti-fouling and general maintenance, performance testing and reporting, major overhaul management and coordination, equipment upgrades and retro-fittings, and formal yacht inspections at predetermined intervals and repair, and more.

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Yacht Management Services

Yacht ownership can be a luxury but also a headache. Maintaining and managing a yacht requires time, effort, and expertise. Many yacht owners struggle to keep their vessels in top condition, leading to costly repairs and maintenance issues.


Fortunately, Marine Service Asia can solve these problems. With experienced professionals handling everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, yacht owners can enjoy the freedom of yacht ownership without stress. These services provide peace of mind, knowing that their yacht is in good hands and being well taken care of.


Our yacht management services can offer a wide range of benefits, including maintenance, cleaning, fueling, and more. They can also help with navigating the complexities of insurance and compliance, ensuring that the yacht is always ready for the next adventure.


Whether you're looking to relax and enjoy your yacht or use it for business, yacht management services can help you make the most of your investment.

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Why Choose Marine Services Asia?

Strategically located in Hong Kong, Marine Services Asia has been committed to providing top-notch yacht services and equipment while promising quality for yacht enthusiasts to cruise around the world.


From vessel delivery and commissioning aftersales services covering regular marine inspection and repair services, we are a one-stop marine service provider for all things related to yachts. Our professional team of marine experts and qualified engineers are always ready to dedicate and take care of your precious vessel in every possible way. Strengthened with our latest self-developed virtual marine engineering solution - WINGMAN, you can now obtain timely access to our team of professionals, with real-time monitoring and regular checks.  


With Marine Services Asia’s global product supply network, you can expect to get industry-leading yacht products and equipment shipped from all corners of the world to Hong Kong with supreme quality. We represent some of the biggest names in the boating world as their official agent, including but not limited to ABJET® jet tenders, Nanni® engines and Waveless Marine®.


Contact us today for all-round marine care service and your personalised maintenance service recommendations.

  • How do I subscribe to the platform?
    The platform is included in our personally prescribed technical management packages.
  • Is this suitable for an emergency repair?
    WINGMAN is best suited for general operations and routine yacht repair and service, but MSA will provide a direct phone line for emergency support or assistance.
  • How early should I book for a check-up or repair?
    All requests are logged in real-time, MSA will then be in touch with the registered point of contact to provide marine engineering services.
  • Should I have any concern with my privacy?
    All information on your vessel is considered private, and real-time position tracking is only available on request.

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