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From the inside out, no issue is too small, and no vessel is too big for MSA. As a one-stop marine care solutions provider, we help you to tackle any kind of technical issue you may encounter with your yacht. Whether you need a marine electrical service or a full marine engine overhaul, we are here to serve the maritime community in Hong Kong.   

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Electrical & Hydraulic Equipment

Vessel electrical, hydraulic and control systems are extremely important but the least understood in Hong Kong. Insufficient marine care and maintenance could lead to a short lifespan and damage to the boat.


Our certified technicians in Hong Kong are qualified to provide bespoke services to test and repair your vessel’s marine electrical system, including DC battery & charging systems, AC shore power, onboard AC marine generator systems, and corrosion protection. If you are looking for repair, system upgrade, or modification, we at Marine Service Asia can help you.

Stabilisation Systems

If you’ve ever been tossed around on a yacht, you know how important a good stabilising system is. Broken dishes, inability to move around onboard, and even serious falls can result from a yacht that’s not stable on water. That is why it is essential to have your stabiliser well maintained. 

Besides maintenance, our professional team knows how to improve stabilisation systems and boating components as a whole, which translate to better performance at sea and more competitive resale value.

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Marine Engine & Generator Servicing

Maintaining the stability of marine generators and boat engines in Hong Kong makes life onboard much more enjoyable. Our Hong Kong-based team consists of marine professionals and factory-trained technicians who can help to perform a wide range of jobs on petrol and diesel boat engines as well as taking care of marine generators in Hong Kong.

We understand that yachts have varying degrees of complexity because we are one of the few companies that can provide one-stop marine care solutions, from testing all the way to ensuring top-of-class marine generator and engine repair in Hong Kong.


Our strategic partnerships and relationships with global leading manufacturers, suppliers and service providers also ensures our team can support all vessel needs.

Cosmetic Repairs & Refurbishments

At Marine Service Asia, we understand how important it is for a boat to not just work well, but also to look great. The ocean can be a lot of fun, but salt water and marine life can leave quite some marks on the vessel as well.

Our company offers both in-house and externally contracted marine service providers. From regular polishing to more in-depth repairing and other issues, under our professional care, your beloved vessel will look “as good as new” throughout its lifecycle.

Yacht Cosmetic repairs and refurbishments
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Why Choose Marine Services Asia?

Strategically located in Hong Kong, Marine Services Asia has been committed to providing top-notch yacht services and equipment while promising quality for yacht enthusiasts to cruise around the world.


From boat and yacht delivery to aftersales services, we are a one-stop marine service provider for all things related to yachts. Our professional team of marine experts and qualified engineers are always ready to dedicate and take care of your precious vessel in every possible way.


Strengthened with our latest self-developed virtual marine engineering solution - WINGMAN, you can now obtain timely access to our team of professionals, with real-time monitoring and regular checks.  


With Marine Services Asia’s global product supply network, you can expect to get industry-leading yacht products and equipment shipped from all corners of the world to Hong Kong with supreme quality.


We represent some of the biggest names in the boating world as their official agent, including but not limited to ABJET® jet tenders, Nanni® engines and Waveless Marine®.


Contact us today for all-round marine care service and your personalised maintenance service recommendations.

  • How do I subscribe to the platform?
    The platform is included in our personally prescribed technical management packages.
  • Is this suitable for an emergency repair?
    WINGMAN is best suited for general operations and routine yacht repair and service, but MSA will provide a direct phone line for emergency support or assistance.
  • How early should I book for a check-up or repair?
    All requests are logged in real-time, MSA will then be in touch with the registered point of contact to provide marine engineering services.
  • Should I have any concern with my privacy?
    All information on your vessel is considered private, and real-time position tracking is only available on request.

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+852 3596 2054

Head Office

  • 21B, Vita Tower, 29 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Service Points

  • Lantau Yacht Club, Marina Drive Discovery Bay

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