Electrical & Hydraulic Equipment

Care For Boating Components & Systems

Vessel electrical, hydraulic and control systems are extremely important but the least understood. Lack of care and maintenance could lead to short lifespan and damages.


At Marine Service Asia, we help to keep your yacht accessories in pristine condition. Our MSA certified technicians are qualified to test and repair your vessel’s marine electrical system, including D/C battery & charging systems, A/C shore power, onboard A/C generator systems and corrosion protection.


If you require a repair, system upgrade or modification, we at Marine Service Asia can help you. Our team of trained technicians is poised to care for your yacht, relieving you of the hassle of care and maintenance.

Please refer to the branded boat & yacht components which Marine Service Asia servicing

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For Gangways, Ladders, Lifting Systems, Doors and Windows

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Opacmare is a worldwide leading company in the design and manufacturing of boating components. Its huge R&D investment in seeking constant improvement to products offerings and Italian craftsmanship are recognized trademark of the company.


Opacmare is the result of a 20-year old research and development activity which led to large investments of tens of million euro for research and improvement of its products.

High tech research and “Made in Italy” quality have always been the Company’s trademark.


Opacmare now supplies gangways and ladders, lifting systems, doors and windows to the best shipyards in the world.


For Yacht Covers, Hard-Tops, Soft-Tops And Bimini-Tops


Opac, a well-known name in the design and construction of hard-tops, soft-tops and awnings for pleasure crafts. With more than thirty-year experience in the production of soft-tops and hard-tops for the automotive industry, Opac is able to offer the best and most effective solutions, adapted for the particular requirements of the nautical sector.

Opac hard-tops, soft-tops and awnings, together with their movement systems, are designed entirely in-house, while the construction process is carried out by highly specialized personnel.

Today, Opac products are frequently used by leading Italian and international shipyards, including Azimut-Benetti, Bénéteau, Gruppo Ferretti, Monte Carlo Yachts, Perini Navi, Princess, and many more.

H+B Technics

For Platform-Tender-Lift for Dinghies, Jet-Ski or Tender

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H+B technics is the elegant solution for launching and lifting your dinghies, jet-ski or tender.  H+B technics products are generally made of SST 316L and 316TI in order to withstand the aggressive conditions of sea water.

Products from H+B technics are known for its quality & durability.

Side Power

For Thruster Systems


Known for its robust and reliable electric motors, the Norwegian Sleipner Motors produces the famous Side-Power thrusters. Chosen by the best sites around the world, the Side-Power thrusters are increasingly appreciated in the after-market for their performance, reliability and ease of installation.

The commitment to quality and the development of innovative products has made the propellers Side-Power a point of reference for the marine industry. Side-Power offers a range of bow and stern for sail boats and motor boats from 6 to 44 meters.

Logo Saim Marine.jpg

SAIM Marine was officially born in 1993, just before the Italian shipbuilding industry booming. Today, SAIM Marine imports and distributes high-tech equipments to the most famous shipyards. Its products and services are targeted both to pleasure crafts and to professional boats. SAIM Marine supports the shipyards in the projects development and has a direct service network along the coasts of Italy, France, Slovenia and Croatia.


CMC Marine is a leading company in designing, manufacturing and selling the most sophisticated electric stabilisation systems, rudders and bow thrusters for yachts and passenger ships over 12 metres in length.

Among CMC Marine’s top products, Stabilis Electra (patented since 2012) is the only fin stabilisation system in the world that uses electric instead of hydraulic actuation and was awarded the Dame Award in 2011, the most prestigious award for technological innovation in the world's shipbuilding industry.