CMC Marine

CMC Marine is a leading company in designing, manufacturing and selling the most sophisticated electric stabilisation systems, rudders and bow thrusters for yachts and passenger ships over 12 metres in length.

Among CMC Marine’s top products, Stabilis Electra (patented since 2012) is the only fin stabilisation system in the world that uses electric instead of hydraulic actuation and was awarded the Dame Award in 2011, the most prestigious award for technological innovation in the world's shipbuilding industry.

Strength of CMC Marine stab:

  • No seasickness

  • Effective at anchor and on navigation

  • Immediate on/off mode

  • Lower power absorption

  • No maintenance

  • Easy to install on boat without stabilisation, available for refit project                                 

  • Suitable for planning and displacement hulls

  • For yachts from 12m (40ft) to 100 meters

The Stabilis Electra product group consists of three categories:

HS - High Speed System

The HS System is an evolution of the SE Stabilis Electra System, optimised for planing yachts that can reach over 24 knots.

The HS system has some notable improvements compared to the previous model, including: greater optimisation of the fin profile for better performance and a reduction of the resistance; updated electronics for even faster and more controlled performance in addition to the ability to control integrated systems (for example, steering or intruder) together with the fins.

[hs system] hs_ritoccata_scontornata-e15
[hs system] hs-2_scontornata-e1539702319
[hs system] stabilis-electra-products-cm

LR - Long Range System

The LR System has been optimised for displacement or semi-displacement yachts.

This new product has several notable benefits such as: compact actuators with the same power of the equivalent SE system; better performance; a fin geometry specifically designed for displacement yachts; the possibility to install fins of up to 5 square meters and new electronics with the ability to integrate the controls for up to 8 different systems. The LR range uses a highly accurate inertial detector that detects the Roll, Pitch and Yaw of the yacht which in turn provides the input to the system to provide a very high level of platform stability.

[lr system] lr_scontornata-e153970259443
[lr system] lr-2_scontornata-e1539703229
[lr system] lr-dettaglio_scontornata-e15

Waveless STAB

The new generation of electric fin stabilizers: fast, ultra compact, easy to use and install, low noise, low power absorption, top quality.

The technology, experience and quality of superyachts, now available for your yacht.

For yacht starting from 12m (40 ft) LOA up to 40m (130 ft).

[Waveless STAB] Serie_STAB_dimetrica.JPG