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Why a Yacht's Hydraulic System is So Important to Look After

Yacht's Hydraulic System is So Important

Hydraulic systems are agreed to be an essential part of a yacht’s functionality. Often referred to as “the workman” of the boat, the hydraulic system of a yacht is very reliable. However, it requires regular maintenance to be that way.

What is a Hydraulic System?

A hydraulic system, whether it’s used on a boat or another type of machinery, is a fluid-based system that transfers energy and converts that energy into work that is useful and relevant. The notion of hydraulics is based on the idea of liquid pressure and stems from Pascal’s Law.

Being such a complicated yet essential system, it is of the utmost importance that hydraulic maintenance is prioritised.

Why is it Important to Look After Your Marine Hydraulic Pump?

Types of hydraulic systems used on yachts vary. Whether you’ve got an Integrated Hydraulic System (HIS) or a self-contained hydraulic unit, looking after the system is of the utmost importance.

Hydraulic boat steering systems most often function using oil. Since the systems work so hard, checking on oil levels and ensuring that the oil is clean is a massive part of maintenance.

Unclean oil can damage the system, and if there’s a leak and the oil levels drop too much, it may drip into the bilge, causing damage. Essentially, issues with oil in a boat hydraulic steering system may lead to decreased functionality or absolutely no functionality at all.

Indeed, if you want to take good care of your boat, the marine hydraulic steering system ought to be at the top of your list.


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