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How Often Should You Service Your Marine Vessel's Engine/Generator?

Marine Vessel's Engine

Whether you have a yacht or a larger vessel, servicing your boat engine and generator is something you ought to prioritise and keep track of. As pieces of machinery that are used regularly and work hard, boat generators and engines are require looking after, regardless of whether you reside in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world.

You might be wondering how they differ from one another. Essentially, the engine powers the vessel to move, while the generator generates the electricity needed to keep everything running.

While all this may seem overwhelming at first, if you’re not sure where to start, Marine Service Asia has you covered with a wide selection of services specifically tailored towards your yacht’s engine and generator.

How Do You Know When Your Boat Engine and Generator Need to be Serviced?

Naturally, boat engines and generators vary, as do their needs, so there’s no specific time for boat servicing that’ll apply across the board. Most marine diesel genset service manuals will specify how often you should service your engine and generator. However, if not, there are general guidelines that you can take note of to make sure both these vital components are in check.

It all comes down to the number of hours your genset has been used. Generally speaking, periodic maintenance ought to be performed on your yacht engine for every 250 hours of use. If the vessel is used regularly, this ought to equate to about once every 12 months. Essentially, you should go with whichever of the two comes first – 250 hours or 12 months. The same timeframe applies to your yacht’s generator. The easiest way to keep track of this is to set an annual service date, and if you reach 250 hours of use before that, it’s best to get your engine and generator checked out earlier.

Most yacht maintenance companies also recommend getting your generator serviced annually during the winter season to ensure that your boat is ready to rock and roll when the good weather comes around.

Should you require further information or a comprehensive inspection of your yacht’s engine or generator, Marine Service Asia has you covered with our full range of services.


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