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Our techanicans are factory trained to perform a wide range of jobs on petrol and diesel marine engines as well as generators.


We provide generator and propulsion engine service, repair, replacement and upgrades of equipment including shipboard support systems. Our experienced service staff is ready to help you with your engine and generator needs.


We also sell spare parts or complete engine for an engine repower of old yachts to give it a new lease of life.


PCM has consistently provided the highest quality, most lasting, and top performing watersports engines for over 4 decades. It has become the recognized leader in inboard watersports engines.

PCM is renowned for introducing innovative products with industry leading technology and holding patents for numerous technologies that offer boats fitted with PCM engines exclusive benefits not found elsewhere.

PCM is the engine supplier to yacht brands such as Nautique, Centurion, and Supreme, as well as other leading watersports boat brands.

Founded in 1873, KOHLER is one of the largest privately held American companies in the world. KOHLER created the first generator for electrical power in 1920 and it is now the worldwide leader in power generation.

The Kohler Power Systems specializes in the production of marine generators. A product line ranging from 3,5 to 200 kW with innovative technical characteristics.  KOHLER marine generators have received certifications from the following maritime associations: American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Vertias, Det Norske Veritas and Lloyd's.


KOHLER is a brand which is acknowledged by each shipyard as a reliable and trustworthy partner.


Made in Italy, the Dynamica gen-sets are powerful despite its size. The product range comprises of the small yet powerful MINI 40E that delivers peak power rating of 3,2kW, the MINI 60E, MINI 70E and the most powerful MINI 90E that delivers respectively peak power rating of 5,5, 7,1 and 9,6kW.

Compact dimension and reliability are the main characteristics which defines Dynamica.  Installation of Dynamica generator by our engineers & technicians are highly recommended to ensure that a correct installation for extending its product lifespan and performance.

A French brand, Nanni is an international leader in the market of marine diesel engines with a product range between 10 and 2000 hp, and for power generator sets from 6 kW up to 500 kW. Besides, Nanni is one of the top three brands for marine inboard diesel engines in the world.


Nanni exclusive marinization system (NANNI COMPACT COOLING®) makes it possible to supply varied propulsion solutions to yacht makers & owners.

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Marinized engines from worldwide leader in the car industry.  Developed out of the original automotive blocks of TOYOTA, these engines from 200 to 370 hp are designed for powerboats, sport boats (wakesurf and wakeboard), rigid-bottom inflatable boats, sport fishing, fast cruisers etc. This range for speedboats is designed for comfort. Thanks to their compact size, the engines can be easily installed on a variety of boat types

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Marinized John Deere engines are powerful, reliable, quiet, and fuel efficient.Engines offer expanded power from 150hp to 750hp.High torque and low rated RPM provides excellent vessel control and reliable auxiliary drives. Complies with the latest gas emission standards – IMO MARPOL ANNEX VI compliant, RCD 97/68/EC, NRMM 97/68/EC, EPA Marine Tier 3.

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Scania marine engines are dependable, reliable and powerful – exactly what´s needed for demanding duties. Their compact size and favourable power-to-weight ratio ensures easy installation and maintenance even in engine rooms with limited space.

Scania’s marine solutions provide flexibility in terms of ratings, equipment, transmissions and instrumentation. Scania’s engines for auxiliary and power generation have been designed and developed to handle the special circumstances at sea. This means easy access to service points, robust engineering, and electronics that monitor and regulate the system for maximum performance.