Waveless by CMC Marine

The leading company in fin stabilizers for yachts

The technology of superyachts, the experience and quality of CMC Marine, the leader in stabilization, now available for your yacht.

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No Stress

STAB is designed to be installed quickly and with no stress


STAB is electric, so no piping is needed

Execute It

STAB takes little space (and weight) on board so it can be moved and placed easily


STAB can be installed in just 3 days, or even less!

Waveless STAB

The new generation of electric fin stabilizers: fast, ultra compact, low noise, low power absorption, top quality.


For yacht starting from 12 m (40 ft) LOA up to 40 m (130 ft)


Discover our wide range of fins for yachts’ stabilization and control. Get ready to transform your experience on board.

STAB 20 and STAB 25 are the smallest electric fin stabilizers on the market. Ideal for yachts between 12 m (40 ft) and 22 m (72 ft), thanks to its compact size and low power absorption.


Designed for yachts between 24 m (80 ft) and 28 m (95 ft), STAB 30 is the natural evolution of fin stabilizers. Small dimensions and easy to use, the perfect add-on to enjoy your yacht!


For superyacht from 28 m (95 ft) 35 m (115 ft), STAB 40 is a must have. Compact, efficient and easy to install, gives a new dimension at your experience on board!


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