Stabilization Systems

Technical Support

Feeling the motion of the ocean is not to everyone’s liking. To make life onboard more enjoyable, almost every luxury yacht features active stability systems (“stabilizers”). You and your guests will no longer feel sick either at anchor or under motor, making boating much more enjoyable plus accessible to people who would normally not partake.

If your new yacht has stabilizer(s) installed by the boatbuilder, we help you service and maintain it in perfect order. If it does not, official local dealers can retrofit stabilizers.

Our certified professionals can provide assistance on the specific systems and other technical support for you.

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CMC Marine is a leading company in designing, manufacturing and selling the most sophisticated electric stabilisation systems, rudders and bow thrusters for yachts and passenger ships over 12 metres in length.

Among CMC Marine’s top products, Stabilis Electra (patented since 2012) is the only fin stabilisation system in the world that uses electric instead of hydraulic actuation and was awarded the Dame Award in 2011, the most prestigious award for technological innovation in the world's shipbuilding industry.