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Vessel electrical, hydraulic and control systems are extremely important but the least understood. Lack of care and maintenance could lead to a short lifespan and damages. Thus, improving the yacht stabilization systems and boating components is essential to preserve their value.


If you require a repair, system upgrade or modification for yacht stabilization systems and other relevant services, we at Marine Service Asia can help you. Our team of trained technicians is poised to care for your yacht, relieving you of the hassle of care and maintenance.


The ideal choice for yacht stabilization systems in Hong Kong

Marine Service Asia is the ideal choice for yacht stabilization systems in Hong Kong. At Marine Service Asia, we help to keep your yacht accessories in pristine condition. Our MSA certified technicians are qualified to test and repair your vessel’s marine electrical system, including D/C battery & charging systems, A/C shore power, onboard A/C generator systems, and corrosion protection.


Please refer to the branded boat & yacht components which Marine Service Asia servicing.

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CMC Marine is a leading company in designing, manufacturing and selling the most sophisticated electric stabilisation systems, rudders and bow thrusters for yachts and passenger ships over 12 metres in length.

Among CMC Marine’s top products, Stabilis Electra (patented since 2012) is the only fin stabilisation system in the world that uses electric instead of hydraulic actuation and was awarded the Dame Award in 2011, the most prestigious award for technological innovation in the world's shipbuilding industry.